Pope Francis one year on – how is he doing?

It’s been almost a year since the election of Pope Francis, the first Latin American Pope and the first from outside Europe for over 1,000 years. He has made waves inside and outside the Vatican with his informal style and his impassioned statements on issues such as global inequality.

Question 1

Which areas do you think Francis has done well on? Many of these are issues readers said they wanted the incoming Pope to act on when we carried out a survey shortly before Francis' election. (Tick as many as apply)

Question 2

Looking ahead, what would you like Pope Francis to focus on? (Tick as many as apply)

Question 3

Here are the qualities people said they were looking for in the new Pope a year ago. How many of them do you think Francis has demonstrated? (Tick as many as apply)

Choice 1

Question 4

Which of these statements is true for you? (Tick as many as apply)

Question 5

When Pope Benedict resigned and said he would move into a convent in the Vatican, concerns were expressed that having two Popes would confuse and even divide the faithful. One year on, what is your view? (Tick one)

Question 6

Do you think popes should be allowed to resign as a matter of course?

Question 7

Do you think Pope Francis is a more effective leader of the Catholic Church than Benedict XVI?

Question 8

Where do you live?

Question 10

Are you

Question 11

How old are you?

Question 12

Are you

Question 13

Are you

Question 14

Are you (select as many as apply)

Question 15

How often do you attend Mass/church?

Question 16

How often do you visit www.thetablet.co.uk?

Question 17

For what purpose do you visit the website?

Question 18

How often do you read The Tablet? (tick as many as apply)

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Question 20

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Thank you for taking part in our survey. Do look out for the results of this survey in a March issue of The Tablet.